Travel Around Shillong


A day trip out of Shillong leads one into some of the wettest parts of the world. Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram offer panoramic vistas of rolling hills and virgin jungles, adventurous treks and picnic spots galore. Also on the way are the Nohkalikai Falls (the fourth largest waterfalls in the world), living roots bridges and many testaments to the region's rich history of missionary work.

Elephant Falls

This popular tourist attraction invites you to climb down among the hills to view the three cascading tiers of the waterfall. Warning: not recommended for those with physical ailments.

Mawlynnong Village

The Cleanest Village in India presents a pretty portrait of picture-perfect houses, sparkling roads and a pristine stream. Meals are available on request. Stop on the way to see the Balancing Rock and the living roots bridge at Riwai

Mawphlang Sacred Forest

Walk on other-worldly trails through the Sacred Forest, a short drive out of Shillong. This grove has been kept in its original pristine state for centuries now, revered by locals and venerated by visitors.

Shillong Peak

A short, scenic drive out of the city gives one an unparalleled view from 6,433 feet above sea level. More than a tourist attraction, this site continues to be a place of religious importance to the Khasis.

Umiam Lake

Barapani, as the locals affectionately call this man-made lake, is a vast reservoir visible as you enter Shillong. It offers water sports such as boating, kayaking etc.