Sao Aiom

Sao Aiom ('four seasons') is a restaurant which opens the doors to the kitchens of the north - eastern communities. The Ri Kynjai dining experience starts with a drink on the platform of the sao aiom bar overlooking the azure blue water of the umiam lake. After which one can choose from a variety of exotic dishes. We specialise in traditional north - east Indian specialties, ranging from smoked pork with bamboo - shoot to rice fried in turmeric and the famous cherrapunji chicken cooked with freshly grounded pepper. The restaurant also serves Indian, chinese and continental cuisine. The interiors showcase textile and crafts from around the north east region. Sao aiom is as much a fine dining experience as it is a cultural one.


Nature, walks and water

Ri Kynjai offers something for everyone. For trekkers, the legendary and religious peaks, 'lumsohpetbneng' and 'lumdiengiei' are a few kilometers away. You can also while away your idleness ambling through verdant pine forests along the water. An extra gift may be an orchestra of nature’s inhabitants. One can also take a walk to the quaint Umiuh village nearby to experience a glimpse of local Khasi village life. For the more adventurous, a boat ride or kayaking on serene umiam lake or even a hamper picnic in one of the islands is a veritable option.

The Shillong Golf Course

Guests at Ri Kynjai can play and avail the facilities of the Shillong Golf Course. The 18-hole Shillong Golf Course has the distinction of being one of the oldest golf courses in the world, and the second oldest in Asia. Comparisons have been often drawn between the Shillong Golf Course and the Gleneagles of Scotland. In fact, it is often referred to as the “Gleneagle of the East” at the United States Golf Association Library and Museum. Set amidst lush greens and nestled among pine trees, the Golf Course provides a beautiful panoramic view.  First developed in 1898 as a 9-hole course, it was later expanded to an 18-hole course in 1924. Since then, it has stayed unchanged for the larger extent. The Golf Course and the stately building that house the Golf Club is a reminder of the old colonial glory that used to be Shillong.


Conference Retreat

A beautiful outdoor conference pavilion nestled between pine groves with a panoramic view of the lake, is an ideal setting for business with pleasure. An indoor meeting room is also available and both venues seat 30 people. Ri Kynjai provides all the necessary facilities for a conference retreat.



Ri Kynjai – Spa

Khem Janai - the spa at Ri Kynjai ferries you to the ancient world of herbal cure and serenity.

Equipped with state - of - the - art hydro therapeutic facilities, "Khem Janai" offers traditional Khasi massages and herbal treatment. The unique feature of the spa is its "Khasi bath”. The Khasi bath is a water massage which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

The Science of Traditional Herbal medicine and Therapeutic massage of the Khasis one of the most ancient Tribes of the Indian Sub - Continent is as old as the Hills and the Tribe itself.

The West Khasi Hills of the State of Meghalaya is a veritable Treasure trove of Medical Herbs and an overwhelming majority of the practitioners of Ancient Herbal Medicinal care and particularly the Therapeutic masseurs come from this principality. Intriguingly the Art and Science of Massage is a gift of a very selected few. It is neither taught nor learnt. It is believed firmly that it is a gift of God. There are two types of massages, one being purely relaxation and the other curative as well as rejuvenating.

The Khem Tynrai (traditional khasi curative massage) is increasingly more elaborate and it seeks to streamline and disentangle the circulatory system of the body that may have been knotted due to mild injuries, stress and myriad of other normal day to day factors. It also removes residual joints and body aches. This massage ushers a great sense of relief and natural detoxification giving you a feeling of complete well being.

The Khasi Bath (Water Massage), which is essentially hot water fomentation and water massage

The Khem Jah Thait deals with the general toning of the muscles and enhancing circulation as is common practice everywhere. However the technique is different in the sense it is a specialized pressure point massage unique to this region.